Research papers (public)

This section contains published papers and other works including supporting materials such as presentations used on the conferences. Unpublished works are available in the internal section.


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    Martin Ukrop, Petr Švenda
    Avalanche Effect in Improperly Initialized CAESAR Candidates
    Published in Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science
    full paper text, BibTeX file
  • Infocommunications 2016
    Karel Kubíček, Jiří Novotný, Petr Švenda, Martin Ukrop
    New results on reduced-round Tiny Encryption Algorithm using genetic programming
    Published in Infocommunications Journal
    full paper text, BibTeX file
  • EGI propagation brochure
    European Grid Infrastructure Case Studies
    EACirc presented on pages 12-13 with link to Springer CCIS 2014 chapter
    full brochure