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Position (tenure-track) in Cybersecurity, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Deadline for application: February 28, 2021.

Join the vibrant security and applied crypto research group in Brno, Czechia! Join the research team that won the 2016 USENIX Security Symposium Best Paper Award, 2017 ACM CCS Real-World Impact Award, or 2020 CHES Best Paper Award. The team that helped hundreds of graduates in the security Master programs, has been involved in both fundamental and applied crypto/security/privacy research projects and industry partnerships.

This position is aimed to strengthen the work of the Centre for Research on Cryptography and Security (CRoCS) at the Faculty of Informatics. CRoCS works to improve security and privacy of real-world solutions through applied research (often in cooperation with industry) and advanced education of future security professionals. System security or network security focus are most desired, yet the abilities to work with a team of graduate students and faculty on research targeting top security/crypto conferences and to engage both undergraduate and graduate students in both educational and research exercises are most critical. The successful candidates would work the CRoCS centre, headed by prof. Vaclav (Vashek) Matyas. More info is at .

Expert knowledge suitable for teaching is expected in at least one of the areas covered by courses:

The starting salary for this Assistant Professor position is 80,000 CZK, and with the progress in this tenure-track position can in no more than 3 years be modified based on the level of involvement in research and educational projects.

Candidates with borderline record and/or missing skills may be offered a Lecturer position for the start of their engagement. The monthly salary for the Lecturer position 49,000 CZK.

More details re. the call and applications are available at

Any queries re. the submission shall be sent to: Queries re. the position as such can be addressed to Prof. Vashek Matyas.

Deadline for application: February 28, 2021.

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