OpenLab is an informal meeting of students interested in security and cryptography taking place each Friday 10:00-11:00 in A403.

  • Date: 25.05.2018
  • Title: Ethereum and smart contract programming (Petr Veselý)
  • On the seminar you will:
    1. learn what is Ethereum platform and how smart contracts work.
    2. program your own smart contracts in Solidity
    3. hack some smart contracts (real-world famous and costly exploits will be shown)
  • Prerequisites:
    1. Some Ethereum wallet app connected to the Rinkeby test network, for example:
      1. Ethereum Wallet - start it, select “Develop / Network / Rinkeby - Test network” and synchronize with the blockchain (you can use “Sync with light client” option)
      2. MetaMask browser plugin (Firefox, Opera, Chrome) - install plugin from, download blockchain data is not required but the GUI is less user friendly
    2. Create an Ethereum account on the Rinkeby test network and get some Ether - you can get free Ether from the Rinkeby faucet ( - instructions are on the site
    3. Browser with allowed Javascript to run the IDE (

If you need any help you can write to