Potential future OpenLab sessions

If you have an idea (including crazy ones), add a new bullet point to the list. You never know, what will come…

  • Dancing session
  • Cold boot demo
    Having liquid Nitrogen, Computer with TrueCrypt key in RAM, cooling the RAM, “transplanting” it and reading the keys out…
  • Security protocol verification
    Intro to verifying protocols by Martin. Most likely demo of ProVerif, hands-on exercise.
  • Qt library
    How to use Qt library, what it offers. Hands-on demo/tasks. (Karel?, Mirek?, Michal?)
  • USB firmware viruses
    Why we should consider every randomly found USB as infected. (Strho?)
  • HDD firmware viruses
    viruses on HDDs in service tracks, outliving formatting, … (Milan Broz)
  • Quadcopter
    Talks about what it takes to fly your own Quadcopter. Perhaps a demo? (Martin Stehlik?)
  • Coverity scan
    Coverity online scan. Compilation, interface, combination with GitHub and TravisCI. Hands-on workshop (problem: authenticating the coverity account takes time. How much?) (Petr? Martin?)
  • MetaCentrum computing
    How to compute on MetaCentrum clusters. Ideally practical trying (but running the job is not instantaneous 😕).
  • First aid
  • BIOS, overclocking
    playing with BIOS on Mefitas computers, demo with nitrogen cooling (Karel)
  • Bollywood movie night
    Making a movie night with a film recommended by the Indians (maybe with some Indian snacks?)
  • Radiation talk
    Milan Brož can bring a functioning dosimeter, show films and talk about radiation.
  • Karaoke session
    Using PlayStation 3 + StarSinger + Mic set from the lab.
  • Bollywood movie night
    Watching a film, drinking Indian tea and eating pop-corn. Film tips from the Indians: 3 Idiots, Kahani
  • Erasmus
    Short description of places where we were in our Erasmus stay. It should serve as an inspiration and encouradgement for younger openlabers to apply for an Erasmus.
  • Disk management
    Disk partitioning, clonezilla, MBR, GPT, … by Milan Broz, mozno v novom Red Hat labe.
  • Traveling discussion
    Trip to The UK (Karel, Heno), to Estonia (Vlasta, Vita).
  • C++11/C++14
    What is new and fascinating? (Vlada Still, Jirka Weiser)
  • Kinect and such
    Possibilities and demo (the student of Milan Broz, possibly HCI).
  • Biofeedback
    EEG headset by PetrS, Trans-cranial direct current stimulation (http://www.radiolab.org/story/9-volt-nirvana/).
  • Bio mobile apps
    Mobile applications for health and biology (detecting REM sleep, making diagnostics, …)
  • How to create RPM package talk / miniworkshop [Red Hat, S505 room] (Milan as contact, Ondra Vasik)
  • Alternative architectures (and Linux) (ARM64, PowerPC, S390, mainframes, …) [Red Hat, S505 room] (Milan as contact, Dan Horak, Jaroslav Reznik)
  • Basics of Linux kernel crash dump analysis on x86 [Red Hat, S505 room] (Milan as contact, Stanislav Kozina)
  • Buffer overflow exploits (on Unix system - C language) [Red Hat, S505 room] (Milan as contact, Stanislav Kozina)
  • Basics of Linux system monitoring: ps(1), top(1), vmstat(😎, iostat(1), proc(5), strace(1), trace-cmd(1), stap(1), ktap [Red Hat, S505 room] (Milan as contact, Stanislav Kozina)
  • IBM PC: Walk through the devices of IBM PC (1979) [Red Hat, S505 room] (Milan as contact, Stanislav Kozina)
  • LaserTag
  • Ant-hill casting / art
    Ask Lukas, if you dare :-}.
  • Balooning
    Make hundreds of baloons and fill the conference room on 4th floor. The cheapest baboons here
    not necessary outside, just any other room in building (we are not going to prank ourselves, are we?)
  • Faculty Kabaddi Championship
    Playing Kabaddi against other labs. Winner plays with the Indians 😃.
  • Inter-laboratory games
    Set up a game board (with magnetic pieces?) on the switch, play Battleship against other labs. Turns announced by mailing list. Playing intelligent version with “see count”.
  • Water lifesaving
    Go to swimming pool (or Brno dam in summer) and learn how to help someone who is drowning (Karel)
  • Key baking/signing/eating party
    Theory and practice about keys – GPG, SSH, ???. Workshop with setting SSH key authentication securely (agent forwarding, …). GPG keys usage. Plugins for easy GPG use. Signing actual (digital/cake) keys.
  • Vlasta's social genius
    Some social workshop by Vlasta. Inspiration from Communication and softskills that she teaches. (persuasion techniques?)
  • Yoga class
  • IT Slang
    Shotgun debugging, cargo cult programming, deep magic, black magic, …
  • Archery
    When spring/summer comes again, we may ask, how much would an archery workshop cost. There's a shooting range on the way to Soběšice, bows can be borrowed from the Brno archery division. It will probably cost something, but making it for a group may pay off, if people are willing to try (and pay a bit for the possibility).
  • FPGA programming
    Programming one's own Field-Programmable-Gate-Array. Potentially hosted by Lenka, access to Přenosil's lab needed.
  • WSN
    Some talk about Wireless Sensor Networks? Some hands-on activity? Probably wise to wait for the new infrastructure.
  • DRAM rowhammering
    Exploiting the DRAM rowhammer bug to gain kernel privileges, see article here and here.
  • Metasploit basics and network scanning
    By Marek Kumpost.
  • What lurks inside of our wallets?
    Inspecting our bank cards (chip, stripe, contactless), ID cards, passports, ISICs, library cards, …
  • Indian culture talk
    Inviting some communicative Indians to present their country, cuisine, …
  • Paper Airplanes
    How to get best performance out of one sheet of paper? (Lukáš) What happens, if the paper plane is made out of A2 or bigger paper? (And thrown from the 4th floor?)
  • Cube attack
    Theory and practice of Cube attack, some simple exercise to get the idea? (Syso?)
  • Assembling the computer
    Build your own, service your own hardware (Lukas, Karel).
    • content of your desktop PC, cleaning lab computers, adding heat-conducting paste under cooler
    • vacuum cleaner
    • move PC under the desk
  • Juggling
    Peter can juggle, he can teach us!
    • Balonky 200 ks, barevne, zajisti Lukas
    • Jako plnidlo mouka z labu (micek 120g, celkem mame 6kg mouky)
    • mikrotenove sacky a kuchynskou vahu na mouku - Petr
  • Arduino
    Try programming your own board, playing with LEDs and sensors.
  • Ethernet crimping
    Workshop in cable crimping, Crimping championship
  • GitHub, TravisCI
    Workshop in using git, GitHub, connecting to TravisCI