Decorating the classroom A403

During autumn semester 2014 we painted a 3-meter canvas for the wall in A403 (classroom of CRoCS). The image is called “Alice, Malice and Bob” and represents an allegory used for explaining cryptographic protocols.

The original illustration comes from a set by Hannah Mjølsnes, a Norwegian artist studying in the USA, used in the book "A multidisciplinary introduction to information security" by Stieg F. Mjølsnes. There will be a hand-written dedication by the author framed next to it.

The actual painting was done by CRoCS students and stuff. They all met at the faculty on Saturday 29th of November 2014 and spent half a day by painting. The whole process can be seen in a time lapse video created by a DSLR with Arduino-based automatic shutter set to take a picture every second.

The vernissage took place during an OpenLab on 12th December 2014, where the authors signed their work.