Lydia Kraus

  • Evolution of SSL/TLS Indicators and Warnings in Web Browsers
    Lydia Kraus, Martin Ukrop, Vashek Matyas and Tobias Fiebig,
    27th International Workshop on Security Protocols (SPW 2019), Forthcoming, 2019.
    Keywords: usablesec, BibTeX
  • Will You Trust This TLS Certificate? Perceptions of People Working in IT
    Martin Ukrop, Lydia Kraus, Vashek Matyas and Heider Ahmad Mutleq Wahsheh,
    Proceedings of the 35rd Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC'2019), ACM, 2019.
    Keywords: usablesec, red-hat, pre-print PDF, DOI website, BibTeX