Agata Kruzikova

  • Two-factor authentication time: How time-efficiency and time-satisfaction are associated with perceived security and satisfaction
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    Keywords: usablesec, authentication, DOI website, paper website, BibTeX
  • Even if users do not read security directives, their behavior is not so catastrophic
    Vashek Matyas, Kamil Malinka, Lydia Kraus, Lenka Knapova and Agata Kruzikova,
    Communications of the ACM, ACM, 2022, 37–40.
    Keywords: usablesec, directive, DOI website, BibTeX
  • Usable and secure? User perception of four authentication methods for mobile banking
    Agata Kruzikova, Lenka Knapova, David Smahel, Lenka Dedkova and Vashek Matyas,
    Computers \& Security, 2022, 102603.
    Keywords: usablesec, tacr, authentication, DOI website, paper website, BibTeX
  • Who Is Smart with Their Smartphones? Determinants of Smartphone Security Behavior
    Lenka Knapova, Agata Kruzikova, Lenka Dedkova and David Smahel,
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    Keywords: usablesec, paper website, BibTeX
  • User Testing of Mobile Banking Authentication Methods: UX Testing, User Interviews and Quantitative Survey
    Agata Kruzikova, Lenka Knapova, Ondrej Gabrhelik, David Smahel, Lenka Dedkova, Vashek Matyas, Petr Dolezal and Martina Smahelova,
    Technical report, Masaryk University, 2020.
    pre-print PDF, BibTeX