<note tip>We don't know how to use it best - please help us.</note>

Types of Kahoot! modes:

  • Quiz
  • Discussion
  • Survey
  • Ghost mode (can be repeated again, competition against itself)

Display of results:

  • After given Kahoot!
  • Ghost mode


  • How to test:
    • Preview mode in single browser
    • Use two browsers to test creation and use by single user
  • Cake quiz
  • OpenLab history quiz
  • Star Wars for Beginners
  • own preparation
  • BIT courses?
  • What we like to achieve?
  • Recommendations for students - what are the metrics?
    • Which course not to miss
    • Which course to potentially miss
    • Which course is hard and you should plan for that
  • Recommendation for teachers
    • Style of teaching - great parts and suggested improvements
    • What I expected to learn and didn't?
    • Overlapping with other courses
    • Is the course given in proper context? (prerequisities, period of study‚Ķ)
  • Kahoot for BIT courses
    • Difficulty, Utility, Potential for improvement, what else?
    • Do the info gathering