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Bachelor and master diploma theses

We are doing our best to offer topics for bachelor and diploma thesis which are both intellectually appealing as well practical. Frequently, a thesis work overlaps with research performed in our laboratory or is jointly done with our industrial partners. We devote significant time to discuss, consult and polish thesis work and we expect the commitment on your side as well.

The best option when looking for the thesis topic is to:

  1. Take a look at currently open topics in university's Information System for inspiration.
  2. Review lab's areas of interests.
  3. Send an email or otherwise contact to selected lab member and schedule discussion about an area of interest. We are happy to explain various areas to you personally. You may also come to OpenLab and ask there.

Remember that majority of our thesis topics are put into IS only after discussion with you to figure out which type of work fits you most with the topic personalized to you. Existing IS topics are mainly for inspiration. Also, don't be afraid to come with your own idea you like to work on. The best thesis is such you are so thrilled to work on that you can't wait to start.

Práce je možné psát jak v češtině a slovenštině, tak v anglickém jazyce 🙂.