Vlasta Stavova


  • A Large-scale Comparative Study of Beta Testers and Regular Users
    Vlasta Stavova, Lenka Dedkova, Martin Ukrop and Vashek Matyas,
    Communications of the ACM, ACM, 2018, 64–71.
    Keywords: usablesec, eset, pre-print PDF, DOI website, BibTeX


  • Factors Influencing the Purchase of Security Software for Mobile Devices – Case Study
    Vlasta Stavova, Vashek Matyas, Mike Just and Martin Ukrop,
    Infocommunications Journal, 2017, 18–23.
    Keywords: usablesec, eset, gamu, pre-print PDF, paper website, BibTeX


  • Codes v. People: A Comparative Usability Study of Two Password Recovery Mechanisms
    Vlasta Stavova, Vashek Matyas and Mike Just,
    IFIP International Conference on Information Security Theory and Practice, 2016, 35–50.
    Keywords: usablesec, sodatsw, gamu, DOI website, BibTeX
  • On the impact of warning interfaces for enabling the detection of Potentially Unwanted Applications
    Vlasta Stavova, Vashek Matyas and Mike Just,
    Euro Usable Security (EuroUSEC) Workshop Programme, 2016.
    Keywords: usablesec, eset, pua, gamu, BibTeX


  • DDoSaaS: DDoS jako služba
    Vit Bukac, Vlasta Stavova, Lukas Nemec, Zdenek Riha and Vashek Matyas,
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    Keywords: ddosaas, BibTeX
  • Service in Denial – Clouds Going with the Winds
    Vit Bukac, Vlasta Stavova, Lukas Nemec, Zdenek Riha and Vashek Matyas,
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    Keywords: ddosaas, DOI website, paper website, BibTeX
  • The challenge of increasing safe response of antivirus software users
    Vlasta Stavova, Vashek Matyas and Kamil Malinka,
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    Keywords: usablesec, eset, gamu, DOI website, BibTeX