White-box Cryptography / Mobile Cryptography / Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Dual AES, algebraic AES:

  • Manipulation of tables via “fault induction”
  • Implementation of Chow, DualAES, Xiao 10MB, + attacks
  • Clustering of DualAES
  • perf. test on mobile phone
  • scenarios with SC simulated by Whitebox (RKE..)
  • Automatic modification of source code with whitebox techniques
    • detection of suitable code chunks
    • precomputation of tables
    • replace in code
    • support for programmer to identify functions for modification
  • Additional mechanisms needed for cipher engine (CBC-friendly encoding, AE…)
  • Whitebox crypto as defense mechanism against power analysis (smart card code transformed, even when power analysis is successful, only whitebox implementation is recovered)