Cooperation with Red Hat

  • Recommended scope for thesis text part is
    • for bachelor thesis ~ 30 standard pages,
    • for diploma thesis ~ 40 standard pages.
  • Difficulty of thesis could be approximately compared to work of a senior engineer (in his area of expertise):
    • for bachelor thesis 1-2 weeks,
    • for diploma thesis one month.
  • Explicitly mention difficulty of work from your (supervisor's) point of view (it is very important for the final evaluation).
  • Mention if
    • thesis should be written in English;
    • some specific programming language or other specific knowledge is required;
    • what is the crucial part of the thesis - text (analysis) or practical implementation.
  • Bibliography - it is highly recommended to add 1-2 online sources related to the thesis problem directly to the thesis description.
  • If the final solution should be part of an existing project then add link to homepage or upstream repository of that project.
  • Do not use vague descriptions!
    • Be specific and precise with the thesis goal.
    • Description should explicitly say what student should hand in.

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