Privacy-friendly Monero transaction signing on a hardware wallet [IFIPSEC 2020]

   Authors: Dusan Klinec and Vashek Matyas

 Primary contact: Dusan Klinec <>

 Conference: IFIPSEC 2020

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  Keywords  = {Monero, Bulletproofs, hardware wallets, cryptocurrency, cryptoimplementations}


Keeping cryptocurrency spending keys safe and being able to use them when signing a transaction is a well-known problem, addressed by hardware wallets. Our work focuses on a transaction signing process for privacy-centric cryptocurrency Monero, in the hardware wallets. We designed, implemented, and analyzed a privacy-preserving transaction signing protocol that runs on a hardware wallet and protects the spending keys. Moreover, we also implemented a privacy-preserving multi-party version of the Bulletproof zero-knowledge prover algorithm, which runs on a hardware wallet with constant memory. We present the protocols and evaluate their performance on a real hardware wallet.