New results on reduced-round Tiny Encryption Algorithm using genetic programming

Author: Karel Kubicek

Abstract: Analysing cryptographic functions usually requires extensive work of a skilled cryptanalyst. However, some automation is possible, e.g., by using randomness testing batteries such as NIST STS or Dieharder. Yet such tests are limited to predefined test patterns. However, there is a new approach – EACirc is a novel randomness testing framework based on finding a distinguisher for a given cipher output. In this work, we use EACirc to analyse the outputs of Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA). TEA was previously used with genetic algorithms for evolution of bit masks used for restriction of cipher input. Instead of evolving bit masks, we create a software circuit applicable as a distinguisher for limited-round TEA (up to 4 rounds). Results of EACirc are also compared to the standard statistical batteries.

  • Conference page: MKB 2015
  • Download 2 side abstract version of the paper: pdf
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  • Download used source codes: EACirc on GitHub