OpenLab is an informal meeting of students interested in security and cryptography taking place each Friday 09:00-10:00 in A403.

  • 19.10. Africa trip report (Radka C.)
  • 26.10. JavaCard open-source ecosystem, (Petr S.)
  • 02.11. Usable security or usable authentication (Lydia K.)
  • 09.11. RaspberryPi hands-on, mesh network (Lukas N.)
  • 23.11. Side channel secure implementations, constant-time algorithms in Python, Chacha20 example (Hubert Kario, RedHat)
  • 07.12. User action detection from encrypted network traffic (Jaroslav S., Nexa Technologies CZ)
  • 14.12. Creativity & Innovation (Lydia K.)