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 <col xs="6" sm="3" lg="3"><text size="large">2007 -- today</text></col> <col xs="6" sm="3" lg="3"><text size="large">2007 -- today</text></col>
 <col xs="6" sm="3" lg="3"><text size="large">**[[https://www.monetplus.cz|Monet+]]**</text></col> <col xs="6" sm="3" lg="3"><text size="large">**[[https://www.monetplus.cz|Monet+]]**</text></col>
-<col xs="12" sm="6" lg="6"><text type="muted">secure multiparty cryptographic protocols, hardware-based authentication tokens</text></col>+<col xs="12" sm="6" lg="6"><text type="muted">[[:partners:monet|secure multiparty cryptographic protocols, hardware-based authentication tokens]]</text></col>
 </row><row> </row><row>
 <col xs="6" sm="3" lg="3"><text size="large">2014 -- 2016</text></col> <col xs="6" sm="3" lg="3"><text size="large">2014 -- 2016</text></col>